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Team BASEF @ the 2004 Canada Wide Virtual Science Fair

Congratulations to the following BASEF 2004 participants who went on to win awards at CWVSF, the on-line national science fair:

Eagle in a Rack: Real-Time Object Tracking in Analog Video

Colin O'Flynn (Westdale H.S.)

  • $500

Gut Reactions: A Histological Investigation of the Effect of Helicobacter Pylori in the Development of Gastric Cancer

Natalie Raso (St.Thomas More H.S.)

  • $500 and an HP IPAQ

Invisible Cryptography - A Medical Application

Anthony Chiarelli (St.Thomas More H.S.)

  • $500 and an HP IPAQ

Watts up with Torque

Dayna Walker (St. Mary's H.S.)

  • $500 in cash and an HP IPAQ

Balancing Beams

Diane Sivakumaran (St. Bernadette)

  • $250

Waste Washers : An Investigation of the Removal of E. coli K12 from Water within a Constructed Wetland Model

Madeleine Martin (Bishop Ryan H.S.)
  • $50

Flush Away Those Symptoms

Emilia Wilk (Waterdown H.S.)

  • $50

Pass Completion or Interception II - Pump It Up!

David Cocchiarella (St.Thomas More H.S.)

  • $50