Bay Area Science & Engineering Fair

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May 19th, 2006

BASEF sent sixteen finalists with their twelve projects to the Canada Wide Science Fair in Saguenay, Quebec from May 13th to 20th, 2006. Twelve awards - worth $34,250 in cash and scholarships - were awarded to six of the projects. Special congradulations to Kayla Cornale, whose project Sounds into Syllables II won Best in Fair; that's two Best-in-Fair's in a row for Team BASEF, following Natalie Raso's win in Vancouver in 2005. See below for a complete list of awards won and the team roster. We're truly proud of the work and acheivments of all of our team members, and we extend our thanks to all the parents and teachers who encouraged the kids to succeed as they have.

News and Photographs

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A larger collection of photos is collected on the Team BASEF page on flickr. Note that you can filter out pictures of a particular person or day using the photo tags: for example, you can select all the pictures that feature Hannah or Andrew, or you can see all the photos from day 1, day 2, day 3 or day 4.

Finalist Projects and Awards Won

Sounds into Syllables II -Windows to the World of Childhood Autism

Kayla Cornale (Assumption High School)

  • Best in Fair ($10,000)
  • Best Senior Project ($5,000)
  • Gold Medal ($1,500 plus $4000 scholarship to the University of British Columbia and a $2,000 scholarship to the University of Western Ontario)
  • Canadian Psychological Association Award ($300)
  • Manning Achievement Innovation Award ($500)

Affecting Aging: Protection of cSOD-deficient Drosophila from Oxidative Stress

Aaron Hakim (Appleby College)

  • Gold Medal ($1,500 plus $2,000 scholarship to the University of Western Ontario)
  • Statistical Society of Canada Award ($750)

Survival or Extinction: A Virtual Simulation

Alexander Harmsen (Centennial Public School)
Irene Harmsen (Centennial Public School)

  • Silver Medal ($700 plus $1,500 scholarships to the University of Western Ontario)

Pay Attention!

Hannah Prince (Sacred Heart)
Eryn Stewart (Sacred Heart)

  • Bronze Medal ($300 plus $1,000 scholarships to the University of Western Ontario)

Shedding the Lights From Landfill Sites

Patrick Bowman (St. Augustine)

  • Albert Lapierre Award ($500)
  • Honourable Mention - Earth & Enivornmental Sciences ($100)

A Tortoise or a Hare? Understanding How Genetics Affects People's Ability to Metabolize Drugs Differently

Patricia Raso (St. Jerome)

  • Honourable Mention ($100)


Jennifer Lawlor (St. Vincent de Paul)
Alessandra Gallo (St. Vincent de Paul)

Math Assessment preparation Techniques as Homework

Matt Weber (Centennial Public School)
Kylie de Chastelain (Centennial Public School)

Managing Greenhouse Gas Exchange in a Constructed Wetland Model: Part 2

Madeleine Martin (Bishop Ryan High School)

Wind Generators - harnessing the power of the wind

Andrew Wood (Oakville Christian School)

Leapin Leotards

Nicole Reid (St. Augustine)

Don't Get Whipped

Maveric Croucher (St. John the Baptist)