Bay Area Science & Engineering Fair

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CWSF 2003


CWSF 2003 Award Winners

Torque it Up!
Dayna Walker (St. Augustine)

Memory In Response: An Analysis of Echoic and Iconic Memory
Janeta Zurakowski (St. Jerome)

See the Unseen, Hear the Unheard
Anthony Chiarelli (St. Teresa of Avila)

When Rocks Get Cavities
Madeleine Martin (St. John the Baptist)

From Brownfield's To Greenfield's 2
Patrick Martin (Bishop Ryan H.S.)

Mass Drivers - Size Matters
Sean Curtis (St.Thomas More H.S.)

Mud Brick Buildings: Engineering Earthquake Resistance
Sarah Dickin (Westdale H.S.)

Got Amalgam? The Toxicity of Amalgam Fillings
Ryan Perez (St. Jerome)

The Effects of Alliums Sativum on the Inhibition of Blood Coagulation
Marianne Querques (Christ the King Secondary School)

Pass Completion or Interception
David Cocchiarella (St. Vincent de Paul)

Bits and Bytes and Landfill Sites
Jordan Bowman (St. Augustine)