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CWSF 2007 Information for Team BASEF Members


General Information

Nova Scotia Mumps Outbreak


The safety and ethics forms required for CWSF aren't accessible outside of the registration system. Here are some of the forms which your mentors may direct you.

Five-Page Summary

The Participant Guide summarizes the format and requirements for the five-page summary. Full details are found in the CWSF Project Report policy document.


Following are good (not perfect, mind you) sample summaries from past Team BASEF members (PDF):

  1. Natalie Raso (2005): summary, backboard
  2. Allesandra Gallo & Jennifer Lawlor (2006): summary, backboard
  3. Marianne Querques (2004): summary, backboard

You might also look a the sample five-page summaries from the 2001 Canada Wide Science Fair.


YSF does not specify a particular format for the references section of your summary. You can choose to use the format preferred in the field of science into which your project falls (look at a journal from the field for examples), or you can use one of the standard formats such as APA or MLA.

Proof of Requirements

YSF has a policy document which describes the project report, as well. Section 2.1f of this document refers to the "Proof of requirements", but never really explains what it is. It simply means a simple statement along the lines of the following:

Any necessary display equipment certifications were obtained and will be part of the display. Approvals from recognized institutions and/or scientific mentors were obtained and will be available at the display.The project did not involve human or animal research.

Put this statement at the end of your five-page summary (but as part of the five pages, before the references). Don't put "Proof of Requirements" as a section title if you are short of space.

Backboard Construction.

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