Hamilton-Wentworth and Halton Science and Engineering Fair 2001

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        Project Rules : Safety Checklist

Go over the checklist below, make sure that you can truthfully answer "Yes" to each of the questions below:

  1. The Exhibit conforms to the Rules on maximum size: No more than 3.5 m high, 1.2 m side to side or 0.76 m front to back.
  2. The exhibit is self-standing and stable.
  3. Any hazardous moving parts are protected.
  4. No pressurized containers are being displayed.
  5. No open flame is being used.
  6. Any flammable or poisonous chemicals (solid, liquid, gas) are simulated.
  7. Any radio-isotopes present are sealed and at normal background activity.
  8. Any electrical power cord is CSA approved and provides necessary grounding.
  9. Any electrical connection has been insulated.
  10. Any non-current carrying metal parts are connected to the ground lead.
  11. Any exposed live parts are at a potential of less than 36 V to the ground. Current is low so as not to pose any problems.
  12. No voltages above 10 V are being generated.
  13. Lasers are not being operated during public display.
  14. X-ray or other high energy radiation sources, if used, have been registered and approved by provincial authorites.
  15. Have animals been used?
  16. If answer to 15 is yes: Live animals are not being displayed.
  17. If answer to 15 is yes: Active procedures which could harm or distress the animals were not used.
  18. Have microbiological organisms been used?
  19. If answer to 18 is yes: Non-toxic microbiological cultures being displayed are all sealed.
  20. If answer to 18 is yes: There have been no experimental manipulations with recombinant DNA or animal viruses.

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